Any Ideas about the New top Technologies in 2018?

Well, who may ever deny how amazing and astonishing Technology is and how it never failed to impress us with the high level reached from now with technology.

The more we go forward with an idea the more babies grow up with fresh minds the more new creations starts to grow beside our ideas and finally create a big new world than the one we lived in before.

Life when we were younger is totally different than the one we’re living in now and you get even more curious, How much would it change again and how would it be? with all technologies growing around us, changing our life in a whole including our health knowledge, life styles, education and even our personalities!



A One little device can actually change your life style and as much as small it could be it can change your life to a whole new level,

creating a different day from what you could have had without the little tech


One of our favorite inventions in 2018 was the Ear Print,

We all know the finger print and how it was so impressing for some of us when it first came out and you felt like a movie unlocking your phone by your finger print, just like a James Bond opening one of his cases!

Although the movie came true and viral use of the finger prints in most of our smart phones and other devices that you may unlock using by placing your finger,

Yet, I really don’t wanna disappoint you, but unfortunately, the fingerprints are horribly unreliable on and could be simply hacked with a special printer!

Nope, Scientist didn’t get something huge like that pass over and move on! they actually invented a new identification device for a safer unlocking and more secure, the Ear Print

The Ear Print is an amazing invention and could be inspiring for how accurate it would be.

Let me Ask you something,

Did you know when you listen to something in your ear it would echo back, The echo back Differs from a person to person and that creates you a new identification, That’s What a Ear Print is !

If this was over a Smart phone all what you need is to place your phone over your ear and it will unlock automatically

Amazing right?

This latest technology invention can bring a new era for the cyber security world.



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