Are you bored of the old door bell of yours? Xchime is here to secure you!

How many times you missed a delivery that you have been waiting for a long time? Or Packages that been left in a wrong place because you’re not home or unexpected visits that you needed to know about but your door bells ain’t telling you much but a bell ringing when someone is on your door and you only get to know when you’re inside home!



We know the struggle with the unwanted visits, including people selling things you don’t need or having your kids at home left alone and a stranger rings your door bell and the danger that may happen after ward.

In order to prevent this form happening we searched for the most suitable door bell that will serve you all your needs and never let you get into danger you or even your beloved ones and your family members. Get to learn who’s on door even if your not at home!




The world’s first lag-free video doorbell


Xchime serving you all what you need with a smart video doorbell, Forgot your Garage door opened when you’re away from home?

No problem, Xchime is a garage door controller that would remind you that your garage door is opened and you may simply operate the garage just with a touch on the screen of your smartphone whenever and wherever, Just like that!



Be more connected with your home and provide yourself with the peace of mind so you wont need to worry a lot for the safety as it’s providing you with it all! Beside the Innovating features to simplify your life.


With more than a 1 year of a life Spam the Xchime will never lag with the video view of a perfect angel for a clear vision of whom on your door, using your smart phone you can get to know who’s on door wherever you are upon receiving a push notification.



Chat with the visitor and handle the unexpected ones through WiFi or a cellular network, taking your device 7 to 10 seconds longer to bring up the camera when someone rings the doorbell.

Xchime will keep you notified of any motions around ignoring the waving trees and bushes so you wont get false notifications thanks to its 2-layer sensing tech with adjustable sensitivity ensuring an accurate motion detection

Thanks 1080p HD camera with night vision, Live view your front yard and record HD videos 24/7, You will never feel more secured!



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