Balance Board fans Little Chat


So we all started with a wheel right?

First Bike when we were young and cycling around and way to school, then we became a teenagers to get our first skateboard which was something pretty cool to us skating around and wink wink if girls are around, yup, no shame, we all passed through this, it was a well way to flirt around.


Future came over and balancing scooters came over, a two wheels in a shape of a skateboard (some named it hoverboard but it’s actually a balancing  scooter)

So here’s a breaking new, it’s a balancing scooter not a hoverboard since it got wheels down there, okay?


It got common lately since the news of Wiz Khalifa getting arrested for riding one in the air port, Skrillex rides them over his awesome shows up even after all they count as one of the rich and famous people, yet why not the fun? It had a better entrance than Kanye’s ride over an elephant (giggles), yet true fact for whom haven’t seen it yet


Our first top Board


Of a top speed of 10KMPH, giving you a nice ride, coming with a safety guarantee certificate with the 30 pounds solid pretty built. It has an amazing long life battery life lasting up to 6 hours long per a 30 mins charge, Supporting Heavy weights and most important of all,

It suits the Classy lifestyle giving a fun sprinkle


2-Freerider Skatecycle

A Cool lightweight and portable device, good to go over the rough, bumpy roads and designed to be sturdy, reliable and safe with a slip proof!

Despite its weight, it has a strong built, this product is bound to stay with you for a long time and fulfill all your travelling needs.


Those were the two different boards and our favorite! Wait for more over the Scooter balance board and you’re gonna love it!

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