Best EarPods Ever for 80 Dollars!

Are you sick of Earphones falling off your ear in the middle of something and you cant place it back in some situations?

Do you hate the wires all over you and you want to use the wireless ones but they fall too easily?

Wet hands situations and you’re afraid to damage your earphones?


All of this will no longer be your concerns as long you have the TicPods Free now! only for a none expensive price and an awesome value, for just 80$!!  And still getting so much of the less of what you pay!

Do you remember the Apple AirPods? this one is more better even way better when it works perfectly with Androids AS WELL.

Best of all that the TicPods works perfectly with Siri, Alexa and even Google Assistant! so you can enjoy controlling your home with them too. Comfortable feel for everyone and good enough to talk around with it with no concern that they would ever fall and even got a powerful bass frequencies and yet cheaper that the AirPods!





TicPods are good enough for a daily use, you don’t need to worry about them falling off your ears with it’s mostly comfortable feel and it’s average size, running with the Pods in your ears wont be a problem and you wont find a problem with a shaky pods inside, because it never does!

The TicPods Free have stems that sit out of your ear that contain the battery and touch controls. Sliding your finger over the right pod would change the volume for you, a double tap to skip track, hold your finger on for few seconds to boot up your voice assistant and good to go to serve all your questions and wait for the answer!





About the TicPods Free Case, well made design of a snap-shut close case, with a little LED’s on the front lighting up green when you open the care and while charging also.

Have we mentioned yet the water resistant?

Yup, IPX5 water resistant rating, you wont need to worry about a rainy day or even sweat if you’re fan of running or at gym, this won’t be a concern anymore!



More of fitting your clothes up with the ear pods? TicPods got the three colors available in White, Dark Blue and finally Red (shading to orange which worth thinking of for how good it really looks like)





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