Can Android Beat the iPhone?

After the new launches of iPhone we all started asking our self specially whom needs a new handset, which one is the mostly beneficial to get? An iPhone as it’s the most up gradable one and the latest of what recently came out? Or Android worthy the hustle more to pay attention for?


Here’s a little look down over the both as we wanted to catch up the mostly money save and the most benefits we can look for in both Phones.


1- Mirror Mirror, Who’s the Stylish in the Market


One of the best thing in any phone we would look for is who’s the stylish and cooler to hold?! Adding a little Pen to the phone? Cool right?

As for me holding a pen would be more Cooler and feels like a business Person getting hold of a pen instead of using your finger, it would kind of a “hey I’m that busy to get my finger over the phone and yup, I go with my pen!”

Well, usually that’s not the case of course but yet it would be cooler.


Apple couldn’t serve their Phones with the Pencil but they got the iPads with one which a 1-0 for Apple

On other hand Samsung didn’t just give up, actually the Pen idea came before Apple would have thought about and the the coolness of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 went out with it’s extreme powerful S Pen. Get your work drew like a Pro! 1-1 for Android ! Good to go guys!


2- The Unlock and the log in Options :


Who would ever deny the Apple’s good start with the touch ID fingerprint recognition? Running fast with the options, iPhone X family offeres the facial recognition . But yet..Samsung’s recent Galaxy phones, for example, let you choose fingerprint, retina or facial recognition. Which one you prefer buddy?


3-Headphone Jacks:


Well, iPhones to be honest did let us all down for the fast plugy option since the iPhone 7 lacking with the 3.5mm Audio jack that lets you connect a pair of standard headphones.




Not all have a problem with this one but yet, YES WE WANNA SEARCH FOR THE CHEAPEST BUT GREATEST …

That’s why..


The best value that iPhones offered and cheapest was the iPhone SE costing about $349

What came after ranged between $449 to $999 of a cost *whispers:which is kind of a ridiculously expensive*


Why not have an Android !

Selling their phone with the least of a cost of $349 yet getting the better and wider screen !

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