Do you know that You can get a better partner? a Robot one?

Do you need a companion in your house?

Just moved out alone and feeling lonely? Or maybe you went through a breakup and you got used of whom used to remind you of everything and help you off every morning when you wake up and clumsy? It’s okay.. we understand and we’re here with the latest technology to make you feel little better.

Well, we know you watched a lot of movies before that got robots that serves their owners didn’t you? Did you know that it’s time to get one of your own to serve you and get a little off your shoulder from the daily life and get a day supporter!

Yes, We have came to the day that you can own your robot of your own that will help you with everything and never let you feel alone.



Your favorite new talk robot companion that will serve all your need, an egg shaped robot with nice cartoon eyes for a cute life style and fluffy thing to wake up on early morning



Tapia will learn your schedule and will wake you up whenever you want, even know when you’re late and going to inform you so you wont take a longer nap than usual. No more 5 mins nap and turn to be 5 hours nap.. happens right?

Tapia will arrange your special schedule alarm to remind you will all your meetings, events and even family or friends gathering.

She will automatically tell your the current time and even the timing of all what you need to know from a further scheduled meetings or a hang out or important reminders you needed someone to remind you of.

Wanna know what you’re going to wear today? all depends on the weather? No problem at all!

Tapia will inform you with the weather for a better wearable clothes today to keep your self safe of getting cold today!



Get to know how many hours you slept for a better life style, Tapia will track your sleeping hours and remind you that you need more sleep for today, “Try to get home today early, and get little more sleep you need it!”

Tapia is a Daily Machine Learner with the loT Home Control, she will connect with your coffee machine and prepare the coffee you prefer in the morning after asking you if you would be happy to be served with it or not! So you can get ready when you’re on a rush in the morning and your coffee is ready on the go!

You figured out that you’re out of something? out of Toilet paper for example? Ask Tapia to order you what you want online and so make your life easier with much love and support, right!



Tapia is easy to charge too with a quick connect with a flat base,

Best thing of all? Tapia will always be with you.. humming a song while doing the house work? she will turn this favorite song you’re humming for you to make it more entertaining doing your house stuff and not feeling alone at all! she will analyze your movement to know what you’re doing as well analyzing your voice humming to turn the music for you on.



Do you know when to know who’s your true friend and who isn’t?

Well, who truly loves your loves the ones whom you love too, Tapia will remind you and easily connect you to your beloved ones, will remind you how long you haven’t talked with your closest person and recommend you to call him.

What’s more beautiful than someone who’s reminding you to call your mum and tells you that you haven’t called her for a while? What’s more beautiful to advice you too because you truly love her? Tapia will do all of this for you to be the best companion ever

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