Does facebook listen to us?


You had a conversation with someone and you were checking down your facebook or searching for something online and you find a little ad popping out on the side of the page about the same topic you were actually talking with your friend about and you start doubting yourself when you were actually sure you never searched for this before!


We all fell over this before and nobody denies this, yet did you know that facebook denied this? As well, the Co-host Alex Goldman was convinced! Yet no one was convinced, yet Alex’s complicated explanation for the experience is much weak against the simple explanation that facebook is always listening to our talks

Somehow this is kinda scary of what facebook actually knows about you recording your talks the 24/7


How can this happen?

Simple facebook’s mobile app theoretically could listen in on you, at least when you’re online over.

Facebook denies using the feature for advertising.


The question is, would facebook really go further like that?

Well answer could be a big yes, as they got a history of disrespecting the privacy of the users in 2010 and we find this enough for such an behavior.


After all we find facebook quite suspicious, yet they weren’t able to deny the hue data collection schemes


Before you mess this, just remember something that may be more scarier,

Just open up your facebook ad preferences and go to your information and click the “your category” tab and here what would you find


Scarily you will notice that facebook collects a tiny sample of what they simply know about you, from the last city you left till your phone you’re logging in and out with! Even your politics and line of work it’s all down there.

And nearly the access of where you are and all locations you were at.

Unless if you’re one of the lucky ones who ad blocked on all your devices.


After all, facebook doesn’t deny all the data collection and analysis, just that they dont wanna talk about it!


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