Ever imagined that a robot can do better food than what you can do? Moley Can

Do you live in a busy home with your partner and busy enough that you both don’t have time to cook?

Just got married or moved in with a partner whom waiting for a better cooker than his/her mum?

Let’s ask a better question then!

Ever imagined having your own famous chef with the best dishes? Pretty much of amazing your best friend or someone who’s coming over with a real good food? Or you want someone who prepare you really good food while being busy with someone else but you don’t have the chance to get a cooker that you won’t trust?




We understand issues with inviting a stranger in your house to cook for you or do the cooking when you got someone in your house, specially if you’re spending a first date in your house, pretty much wishing no one in the place but you and your special date!

How many times you watched robots over TV but it was pretty far from expectations to have it for real in your house, you wouldn’t have expected a life change but in future.

Future has came already and future is actually today everyone,

introducing you to the smartest and best cooker you may ever imagine you may have,

First Chef inside your house



Moley Robot


The world first robotic kitchen, with the best dishes your mouth ever introduced to.

Creating best featuring of an advanced, fully functional robot integrated a fully beauty of designing, pro kitchen.

Cooking you the best dishes with the skills and flair of a master chef.



Version of the consumer will be launched in 2019 supporting by iTunes’ style library recipes * a digital library of over 2,000 recipes* to serve your the best food you would wish for.

Wanna get know more of what Moley is?




No problem, simply it’s a portable kitchen, including a stovetop, oven, sink, utensils, and a pair of a fully articulated robotic arms, creating you the best recipes recommended for you chosen dishes same quality of a master chef

All what you need to do is that the ingredients have to be placed in set locations, and the robot, following its choreographed program, picks them up from those set locations.



To add you some stunning info for the product,

The arms mainly created by NASA robotic supplier, The Shadow Robot company.

Being able to replicate the human hands and arms movements but with a articulations at shoulder, elbow, wrist and finally the fingers as a part of the equation of course! On the other hand there’s a thanks of BBC MasterChef winner, Tim Anderson who had the other part of the equation with his abilities in kitchen with his skills, programmed into the robotic arms.



Bon Appétit!


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