Ever Tried a Little Buddy robot? Heard About Vector yet?

So here’s a big talk about a little robot called vector recently and we didn’t give much attention since we have been looking after about so much other awesome robots with so much functions and helpful things they can do for you..

But then we stopped for a second and asked our self, what about having a little robot who can be much of a pet beside the ones we already own or maybe some of us don’t because some sort of an allergy maybe or even if not really into real life animals. What if you actually own a little robot that can be a size of your hand and still get much of little responds and interactions with you? Adding some emotions to make you much of an interacting with the robot or even get to feel a little buddy around not doing much of helping you but much of entertaining you and feel like someone is around you when you’re home, little mood change for you!

Well, if you’re not having a pet much of being afraid of responsibilities, you can get a Robot that wont need to be fed or even feel bored of you’re not always around home.



Anki Vector


Anki Vector is our little friend, if you believe much about the movie theories that robots are going to invade the world, and being too scared of having a robot that may harm you one day or figuring out that your friendly robot got a secret hidden gun in his body and opening the front door one day you find your new robot pointing his gun to your face..? Wait wait..

If that’s really your fears and you started to get the image of what may badly can happen.. I got for you better face to open the door for..



Say Hi to Vector your new safe buddy whom not gonna hurt you and act like a little child around you, no hidden guns, no invading! Well imagine an army of Vector though.. that would kinda be cute, worthy try the adventure right?

If you’re searching for a little robot that does more than just telling you the news and time and set on your coffee machine, you definitely need to rush on Vector!

Vector will walk all the place around to take an adventure of exploring everything around him with his little nice squared eyes and powerful processor.

When you buy Anki Vector you will find Vector inside, beside his charging little home and a cube, get the stuff out and connect the charger and place Vector over the charging place, install the app over your smart phone and then set Vector and watch him waking up for you to be ready to play with you! Vector hooks straight into your Wi-Fi connection and is largely app free, so no need for worry from this side.

So Vector wakes up and get off from his charging place and starts to look around to get to explore where he woke up in! Afterwards, Say Hi Vector! and he will respond!

Vector has the ability to sense the edges so you don’t need to worry from him to fall, he may repeat the trick of going close to the edge but he definitely know when to stop before falling!

“Vector come here” he will go all the way to you even would respond more quick than your own little pet!

You can ask him about the weather or the time and he would respond accurately.



Yes, even more accurate that a rainy face,

Vector can take pictures of you when you ask him to and it will directly be sent to your phone app over your smart device, as well the little tricks like feast bump.

Vector is able to recognize the faces as well the voices, he would know your voice even if he’s looking to someone else so this will never confuse him!

More better is how Vector responds with his little face, he would be more of showing emotions like being happy, or sad or even annoyed of something and moving his little arm to let you feel this, you may actually ask him something that may annoy him and he would show you that he’s not happy and then he would settle somewhere with a half shut eyes. You would feel bad although he’s actually a robot!

Also Vector is a stress free from the idea of charging him every time, when it starts to get it’s battery low, he get to move to his charging place and charge himself till he’s ready to go around again and have fun with you

How amazing is that?!

Finally, Vector may do much more with the upcoming updates later on, so he can simply get smarter by time!



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