Fan Of Cartoons? Well, we're big fans too since they predicted the future technology and mostly came true!

We’re Back Again with the old Shows Future Predictions and how it actually came true on our real life !

Here’s a Fun Writing that I’m sure will grab all our attention as much fun it is,

Remember “Meet George Jetson”? Yup, First thing will pop up over your head right now is their Catchy Theme Song! You’re not alone buddy, Good Times

For the New Age Buddies here, the Jetson Family, lived in the Utopian Future with houses in the sky, driving the Aerocars (flying cars obviously), the nice family had a robot maid named Rosie and a talking cute Dog named Astro.

And Now, Lets get to the important point here,

The Jetsons Predicted The Future


The Robot Maid


Rosie the Robot Maid as we all know her, the nice robot that been loved from the whole family as much she helped in taking care of the entire house and cleaning up everything and making sure to take control of serving the family.

this actually would sound familiar to our current life and future of our technology after inventing the idea all over, although our future didn’t get it that accurate as Rosie the maid robot, but yet we’re that much there.

  • Buddy the Robot, the French-produced that can patrol the house and answer the phone calls
  • ASIMO, a Japanese robot developed by Honda acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility – can walk, run, use stairs and recharge itself when its battery gets low


The Dog Treadmill



Remember when we mentioned Astro the talking dog? Well, no we haven’t got a talking dogs now but any dog owner knows that the dogs should have a talk some point. The Jetsons show lived in high buildings in sky so how did they walk their dog?

The Dog Treadmill, may sound silly and weird but yet this was sort of useful somehow,

Scientist used this as for the Dog treadmills as a form of physical therapy for dogs that suffers from various impairments, the idea is the same but the design only differs a little for the safety of the dog as for the longer running surface as well the side rails so they wont fall off during the running.


 Peekaboo Prober


Remember when George Jetson (the father) was ordered by his boss to do a check up and his boss asked him to swallow a “peekaboo Prober” a tiny pill robot that works for the internal check up showing over a screen what going on inside Mr Jetson’s body?


On 2004 the medical tech company got out with the PillCam, a tiny pillshaped camera that captures the person’s digestive system in black and white pictures



Roombas was a vacuum that worked in the Jetson’s house, cleaning up most of the house,

looks somewhat familiar to a modern day viewer: it’s a tiny robotic vacuum cleaner. Just like the Roomba!

On 2002 the Roomba been one of the top selling over the world cleaning around by sensors to avoid the furniture around and vacuuming around your house


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