Fan of High sound Quality? "Jabra Elite 65t"

We all had problems before with our wire for the headphones,

forgetting your headphones at home can be enough to turn your day little harder, you will get to feel something important is missing the whole day specially if you’re a big fan of walking with music plugged in your ears the way you walk between a lot of people. Most of us feel confident way more with headphones in ears, right?

Today Jabra offered the wireless Elite 65T with a balance of usability, high sound quality headphones, no need to worry about the damaged wires anymore!

Serving a long life battery life and perfect for heavy headphones users just like us and pleasure to use day-to-day, only thing against the Elite 65T is the Limited water resistance, but the question is, why would you shower with your headphones in your ears anyway?


Jabra gave more of the mature, understated design, not going to win the beauty contests but still on the top of our list as the best headphones, premium product.

Earbuds has a soft plastic making them self Comfortable even by the long term of wearing them during your day.

Elite 65T controls your music as each pair had its own job controlling, the left one features the rocker for adjustment of the volume and skipping when pressing it little long or skipping to the previous track, plus a power button with a long press.

Recharge your headphones by adding them back in the charging case, as well as it feature the microUSB charging port.

Earbuds automatically turn on when removed from the case, and turns it self off when back to the case (so no worries when you forget turning it off), it connects directly to your phone with no suffer so what else you need?



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