First Time We have been introduced to a TV


I remember my first memory with a TV in my old warm house when I was 3 years old and I was totally convinced that there are people inside the box showing up on the front screen popping up to the screen in black and white,


Yet that I wonder if I was alone with my beliefs when i was 3 years old or some people out there had the same believe when they were younger, but I thought afterward that maybe we can add an little grown up talk to the beliefs maybe and discuss the real fact of the first TV ever showed up to our world.


So here’s a grown up facts been collected to you!


It passed over 90 years on the first demonstration of the TV


John Logie Baird, a scot born in 1888 invented the TV,

As a brief for the fella, he wanted to be a soldier in the first world war but his poor health forced him into a long hours in his workshop instead


Yet there’s a fun facts that would be interesting enough to get to know,


Did you know that the first television was made of an old tea chest?

Interesting right? Mr Baird’s vision for the invention was to transfer a moving image into a screen.

It all started when he moved to hastings on the south coast of england on 1932 due to his poor health conditions.

He used a old hat box, pair of scissors and some draining needles, bicycle light lenses, tea chest and sealing wax holding up with glue as a first set for the television.


People will think your ideas are creepy till you prove them not!


This one is just a lesson for you guys,

Mr Baird has been told from an newspaper staff member to go down to the reception and get rid of his lunatic down stairs!

I wonder how the guy felt after few years though.


First moving image on the screen and probably the biggest hit that time “Stooky Bill”

Stooky bill the ventriloquist was the first and most successful that been transmitted to the televisor, and finally went out first on the 2nd of October,1925

It features shown at five pictures per second;quickly followed by an office worked named William from downstairs, who unwittingly became the first person to be televised in full tonal range


Baird’s system was dropped in 1937 and he died nine years later aged 58.

Yet all thanks to the guy who’s seen as one of several inventors responsible for all kinds of programmes being beamed into our homes.

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