Google WiFi Fixing our problems


Who never struggled with the router not working so well, yet we couldn’t deny our little device’s weak wireless failure receiving any signal for internet although it’s there.


That’s how finally Google stepped out from all the failures and coming out with the “Mesh Router System” going forward with the new generation of routers.


The “Mesh Router System” is the fastest wireless signal for every corner in your place, high-quality WiFi broadcasting in every multiple location.


Finally we’re getting inspired by a little thick Hockey Puck design, of a diameter of just a 106mm, and a height of a 69mm and weight about 340g(12 oz).Both the router and its mesh of WiFi ‘points’ look identical because they are identical: whichever one is connected to your broadband is the router, the others become points


Google claims will cover up to 4500 square feet, means its best for any place you wanna place it in, office, home or anyplace you want to catch better wifi signal in !


Google WiFi supports 802.11g/n/ac but only up to AC1200 2×2 rather than the beefier 3×3 AC1750, AC1900 (and beyond) standards you will see on enthusiast routers


Finally, the point is, why not to have a good stylish little mesh router system in our place and enjoy a little of the magic they may provide with an affordable price which google would serve us and finally gets rid of our wifi black spots.

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