Got Fooled yet by the ChatBot thinking its a real human? How does it chat like a human ?

As for the little example we can introduce our talk with first is by this,

Most of us tried to chat a little with the CleverBot, we start the chat as it’s just a Bot and not a human, yet by time you will just keep talking to it and totally forget it’s not a real human but you unconsciously feel comfortable enough to it as if it’s a real person chating the other side.





Bristish Computer scientist Alan Turning was convinced in the 1950’s that the chatbots were engaed in tyoed conversations with humans, trying to fool them thinking they are humans too and that’s their jobs. In a recent Competition, Cleverbot fooled over 59% of humans interlocutors into thinking it was a human too. Funny right?




Funny, how CleverBot seems too human more than humans them self

But the real question is HOW?

Answer seemed easier than how the big deal seemed like,

It’s crowdsourcing

As Rollo Carpenter, Chatbot’s designer explained it all in one of the videos explainer produced by







Simplifying the words,

1997 when it started to come online, Cleverbot got engaged within 65 million conversation over internet with users around the word whom chatting for fun, Simply what happened is that Cleverbot started to learn real human responses and actions of members over the social groups online and studying it, afterward they start storing it in it’s huge database. And Now that would explain A lot how it seems more humanly right?

Yet, Chatbots will respond on you with all the huge database it got and start using it in your future conversations between you and the chatbot later on!






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