Having a Dog is a huge responsibility, But how about a robot dog? WowWee Chip

Do you feel so alone although you got a family around?

Do you need a little partner in your house to compensate the lack of fun in your house? Got kids that don’t interact much and you want a companion with them in your house?  Need a little friend in your house but having a Pet is quite hard specially if you got a little house? too much responsibilities specially with the food and if you’re not always at home just the few hours that you spend at night and spending the rest outside the house?



We understand everything and based on the pets that their owners get and find out how big the responsibility is and have to let them go in a wrong way, and the much of pets that been thrown out their new homes just because few people didn’t know how big this is and although it’s never fair for a living creature to be kicked out specially after being given hope for a new owner and how they get so attached and figure out that their owners doesn’t want them anymore.



We really hated this scenario and although nothing can be as great as a living creature with a real inside soul we tried to search for the best compensation for owners whom are aware of the responsibility and respectfully never think of getting a pet from the first time, in another words they are aware how the pets could be victims in the end and they respected the creatures that’s why they don’t accept them inside their house, and because we respect those families who understands and still wanted them to try out that feeling most of us have when our pets gets approach to us when we get home and the playful days with them and finally the warm feeling of love from our pets, we found a little companion for you!


The WowWee Chip Puppy!


We wanted to award people who didnt feel the much love yet of our beloved pets and found for them the WowWee Chip puppy! a little puppy pet that you can pet as much as you can and your little puppy would respond to the gesture based interaction like swiping, clapping, touching and even more thanks to it Gesture Senses that will provide you with much close of a real pet and what would they do when you start petting them.


That’s not it!

Chip has an advanced IR vision allowing your puppy to see and interact with the surroundings and even can enhance gaming and playing with your little new robot pet with your free App on your smart phone!

You don’t need to place your pet to charge because they will get to the charging bar them self to get enough energy to get back to you to make it more realistic for you and even way enjoyable.

WowWee is a BeaconSense  products with a situational awareness, as they can sense their surroundings and know where they are in relation to them.




Chip Puppies are fast! for better fun and some action and activities in your house thanks to the special wheels  design facilitates speedy, omni-directional movement across different floor surfaces.


Now you can get home and call your pet’s name to get to run to you due it’s VOICE RECOGNITION allowing your robot pal to respond to its name and a list of commands.

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