Hey! How Many Phones are you carrying there?

How many phones are you carrying around?

Do you still use an embarrassing old phone beside your latest phone? Do you wanna have a run away number from your work one?

Does your phone only take a one sim card? Such struggle yeah?




Most of us got more than a one number, in case your boss calls you so much, or maybe the work calls you receive is quite infinite. Yet we don’t want you to forget your personal life space with your own none slave number !

Want to do so but you hate carrying more than a one phone whenever you go because your phone doesn’t take all the sims in?

Have you brought another poor old phone yet for this?

I hope not, specially that we don’t want you to get embarrassed of this when you’re among your friends at least!


Here’s a solution for you!




Now you can simply use more than a sim even if your phone cant swallow more than one!

Just download the app and buy Piece to use more than 1 sims over one device




Now you can simply throw the secondary old phone and only walk with one with no hustle nor extra space while walking around, and get back to a one phone as how you used to. Piece is the future of Dual SIM technology. It is a tiny companion device that holds any GSM, EGSM, DCS, or PCS card, allowing you to add an extra number to your existing smart device via Bluetooth.

Little enough for a comfortable carry around, as small as a credit card size that can fit your pocket or even your wallet! Long lasting battery which can provide up to 150 hours stand by time, so you only have to charge PIECE once a while.



Lost your phone somewhere? you can simply find it with a little Peep Peep ring using piece to find your device.

Get your calls and text directly to your one device! Oh and have I mentioned that the Piece will start to ring if you walked distance from your phone and the Piece is inside your pocket? Yup so you would never lose it or even forget it again, making you aware whenever you come to distance from your device!



Also whenever you cant even remember where you left your Piece you can simply ring it with it’s own Peep Peep ring of it’s own, Just ask the app to!

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