How cool is turning your home to a smart one?


Maybe we got a little house, not good enough for your friend to be pleased with for a house big party, yet, how cool would it be forgetting your lights off and make the conversation go like

*friend standing by and you talk loudly* oh god! I forgot the lights on!

Friend looks at you thinking you would leave him to turn your lights off, but you got your phone out and you speak out, Yoo home, who’s gonna turn the lights off!

And magic happens! Lights go off!

As much imaginary the case happened and you may laugh out loud for this but future just came a long and it’s time for the imaginary to be real,








Now let’s get started!

You can connect your home with internet first, including air-conditioners, thermostats, lights and garage doors, so you can just control everything from your device!

Step One: choosing your assistant !


Yep, just like an important person just like you, you need to get to choose who assists you!

You got good assistants like  Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, but who’s qualified mostly for the job?

Here’s a guide so you can choose wisely!


First Assistant: Amazon’s Alexa:


Our friend here,

It’s a quickly way to get started with a smart home just by buying an echo product, as well, the Echo products are quite eaasy to set up and plug everywhere that need to summon Alexa.

Echo Dot counts as the cheapest and smallest speakers smart home controller in the market now, it has over 10,000 skills that may serve you best or a third-party capabilities in which making it the mostly broadly supported smart home hub.

Yet, it supports working with Apple and Android Devices, Fun yea?


Second Assistant: Google’s Assistant!


Google’s home speaker and smartphones running newer version of Android including Assistant to serve you the best at the price of $130, Google home costs $50 less than Amazon.

Serving you in a such smarter way than Alexa and Siri and counts as the smartest as it’s powered with the intelligence of Google Search,

(Google Search, Who’s the prettiest of all?) likely the correct answer will be responded, Thanks Google !


Now How’s Next?

Good guess!


Finally the Third Assistant: Apple Siri!


Get your data transferred between the accessories and Apple device ensured as it’s totally secured and encrypted as Apple works directly with the home accessory makers!

Is that what called as What inside home stays inside? Guess yea!

Anyway, integration of Apple’s HomeKit into the mobile devices makes it much easier to set up Siri with your home Accessories.


After telling you the best of all Assistant now the choice waits over your Feedback who’s the best for the job in your house,

Welcome to Future People !

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