How much technology changed by the passing years?

Getting back in time when we were young we all can relate to things that exist long time ago in a specific design and different function of what we’re used to know in our recent life,


Other things if we have seen it now it would be totally non familiar to us but yet, it’s the origin of our current technology we’re using everyday and well, who never been interested to see our technology origins?


Mobile Phones


Let’s start with the number one Total change of our daily phones that we’re used to hold on everyday and it just handy with you everywhere even inside the bathroom sometimes to break time for us inside there *wink wink*

As we all know, phones now ain’t that heavy much and easy to carry around and our little children and babies can easily hold it around, don’t feel weird of me writing this because I’m about to surprise you!

Do you know what’s the Vodafone VT1 Transporter? You may Guess.

Vodafone VT1 Transporter was the first “Kinda” Mobile Phone that came out first on 1985, But this phone would actually surprise you and unfortunately it wasn’t a good idea for your little kids to carry, as it may weight heavier than your little new born baby!


*say waaaaaat*



Vodafone VT1 Transporter Weighted about 5KG! We have no idea how it would have been placed inside pockets though, for sure it never did fit or maybe this may explain why old pants were not so tight and big pockets *Kidding*

Our Current phones doesn’t really take so much time to charge, as it would maximum take about 3 hours to, The VT1 had to take about 10 hours time to charge up!







First Petrol Drive



How bad your car looks like? Is it too old now? Well, you shouldn’t worry that much, Because it’s not over our list for today,

First Petrol Car the Benz Patent-Motorwagen came out on 1885 created by Carl Benz, and had an output of 0.75hp/0.55kW. A Fiat 500 now has an output of 51 to 77 kW



Look to the bright side, At least your old Car can go faster than the Benz Patent-Motorwagen! Right?





This one we wont talk much about it and we’re going to leave the picture down here for a minute silence for the beauty of it..


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