How to keep your little pet safe?

Over 10 million pets get lost from their homes every year and the number started to scare us,

Yet, people get scared to get their pets on a walk fearing of getting them lost but that’s not a solution, you can still be overprotective for your beloved pets but trapping them is not a solution and we got for you the best solution ever rather than keeping them in doors.



Pets love going out, so you can have a plan B for keeping them safe!



Who ever imagined we can have the latest technology within our pet’s collars?

Pet Owners maybe, just like you! We care about our pets as much as you that’s why we searched for the best protection for our pets and as close to them and informing you how your pet feel to get to serve them as much as you can!

Kyon’s Pet collar;

The latest technology that as close to your pet, their collars, that tracks the pet location whenever they are even within the new locations to give you a more specific location for the owner for worst cases when your pet gets lost thanks to the embedded GPS and mobile technology!



Even Communicates with you to ask the finder of your pet to give you a call on your number and it will be shown over the collar of your pet so you can easily communicate and bring back your little pet!

Even tracks your pet’s mood, you don’t leave your pet for a long day alone and expect him to be good the whole hours you’re leaving him! you cant guarantee if he’s alright with this or not .. now you can track his mood with KYON Sense Technology




KYON Sense makes this possible today with unique algorithms that can interpret your pets needs and what they actually feel (happy, hungry, upset, getting through an argue with another dog ..etc)

Even gets more useful when your little pet doesn’t feel alright or got a fever, you will be immediately inform you over your smart phone to take the best action toward your little pet!


Is KYON feels like an extra ordinary pet collar? No problem at all, KYON can be used exactly as your pet’s older collar. One collar for all uses, a long life battery one actually! it lasts for over 30 days, which means you can start rest down for a while for the little move of charging it!




Even more inspiring about this, KYON can shhhh your dog from barking too loud most of the time, by the ultrasound that only your dog can hear emitted from the collar and your dog immediately stops barking!

if you got a swimming pool in your house you will definitely have the fear of your little dog falling inside by wrong and scared if they every couldn’t get themselves KYON will inform you to rush to your dog and save them as how it must be.



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