Imagine unlocking everything with a knock !

When we were kids our parents used to teach us to knock on doors before entering, and we never really understood why till we grew up and figured out what a knock means and the agreeability to enter and see what secrets behind the door we knock on and the privacy that you don’t really want anyone to crack.

Knocking is always about uncovering secrets that you’re not aware of or you actually don’t want others to get to know about it, that’s why the kids that been well raised to knowing on doors grew up and invented something more important with it’s special feature to knock to be able to unlock all your private things just for your own needs


Token Ring 

Today you can buy the best invention ever, Token Ring!

You still don’t understand why you must buy it?! Keep on Reading!

Token Ring is a luxury metal designed with an extreme focus on both form and function, coming in Rose Gold, Black Rhodium and Sterling Silver for a classic fit with whatever your taste is for colors!



Let’s start with the safety you’re getting from a favorite color ring first; Token Ring got a finger print to identify you to make sure you’re the write person to unlock to your private and make sure it wont let anyone in that may ever crack your privacy.

After it identifies you the ring will get a little rainbow and you’re ready to knock open your private stuff which is still left a surprise, Keep reading.




If for worst case your ring were in wrong hands, it will turn the little led light red and it will refused cracking your privacy for anyone. Now you get to wear your ring and approach it to your smart house’s door and it will unlock it!

How about a better try? knock knock on your laptop! and it unlocks! interesting? you haven’t seen anything yet!

Now, knock on your car and it unlocks too, all your social accounts you get to knock and here’s unlocked for you.



Let’s get to an interesting part that it even works as your wallet and will work with your Credit card and do your needed payments for you just with an approach.

And that’s how a well raised kids stick to knocking !

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