iPhone XR vs iPhone 8 plus


iPhone XR was finally released counting the lowest price between the iPhone X’s family that got released, yet we were all asking which bucks worth going to, iPhone XR or the iPhone 8 Plus?!


We were reviewing both phones to check out if there’s an beneficial answer or its just few bucks difference and we can go for another different one so we did our researches and here we go with the answer.


The price differences are just 50$ between both and for sure the XR got the higher price.


iPhone XR takes the design of the iPhone X giving it a nice splash color, as well the back camera, coming with more colors as black, white, yellow, blue, red and coral (a pinky orange)

Of course wouldn’t forget the familiar notch on the front dips into an high quality 6.1in screen with 19.5:9 aspect ratio.


iPhone 8 Plus would have missed the notch though, yet it still got the familiar shape pf the iPhone design we got used to with a top and a bottom bezels and a home button, with a smaller 5.5in screen yet, it’s taller and wider than the XR as it takes the 16:9 aspect ratio


Regards the charging, both iPhone XR and the iPhone 8 plus have glass backs which supports wireless charging and charge via lightning. As well they both dont have a headphone jack. Both Got a LCD’s.


Talking about the processor, iPhone XR enjoys the Apple A12 Bionic processor, same as the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max as they supports the fast performance for demanding tasks than the iPhone 8 Plus with an older A11 Bionic processor.


Yet, the users for both phones didn’t feel any kind of a lack with the iPhone 8 plus as it never counted as a slow phone and found it hard to feel any differences with their daily tasks.

Both Phones runs the IOS 12, just that the XR gestures are bit different that the 8 Plus as for the home button press for the “back to the app screen”.


iPhone XR has a camera array on the front which help you enjoy the creation of your own Memoji and the Animoji which is apparently you wouldn’t be able to do over the iPhone 8 plus


Finally, we find both of them better than the other, and its kind of similar with no huge difference with the price, yet it all depends on what you prefer better than the other, So which one you find yourself in better? Which design speaks for you louder?

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