Is your notebook trust worthy?

So We all believe we live our whole life as students even when we graduate from schools, if not having studying books, we get to wake up everyday and start learning new things and yet, we’re named students however how old we have become!

How many of us still walk with our notebooks around to write down the new things we learned a day? reminders, sketches, and even contact numbers for emergencies of our own! Most of us have their own insecurity.. of our notebooks! Well you’re not alone buddy!




Yes, our notebooks are our personal space and it owns most thing no one ever know! but your notebook knows everything and it got all your secrets.

Question is… Is your notebook a secret keeper? Would she tell any strange holder no don’t touch me? Would she open up to anyone with your own deep secrets? If yes, Then she doesn’t worth telling her all your secrets. Her place is no longer good in your bag! and anyone who doesn’t keep their beloved one’s secrets their only right place is trash, don’t you think?

On the other hand, We will never keep your bag empty, wont we?




Yup, Lockbook is your new trusted friend for now on that you can buy with a good value price! You wanna know why?

The Lockbook is the world’s first biometric fingerprint sensor that keeps your notebook secret from all strange hand! only your finger will unlock it for you and finally we found you a good secret keeper that worthy your trust as you can simply manage your information securely!



Are you a little picky of how your notebook cover looks like? Not little? Oh..OK

Then you will find your self with the Lockbook as your wont need to scarify for your notebooks good cover taste only to secure your self, you can have both! Lockbook comes in all kinds of colors and different color just let your taste choose!





How about the Paper’s quality? Why would we secure a notebook with bad paper quality anyway?

That’s why your new Lockbook has a high quality ink-friendly paper and finally ideal for smooth writings!

Wanna carry little cards and important papers? You can organize them all now with the multiple pockets, easily carry around documents, pictures, cards, pens and any other little item that you can keep on hand!


And Now you got a trust worthy Notebook, And combine Style, Privacy and Efficiency !




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