Japan's Latest inventions

We all know the awesomeness of the Japan’s minds expecting the best inventions of the year coming out from where they are located and each year they stun us with their ideas and coming up technologies, so what did they come up for us today?


Chewing habits

Remember being a little kid and your parents almost every time you get to eat your meal they ask you to take longer time to chew the food and to take time chewing your food?

Now days we grew up enough to ask your kids the same requests your parents used to ask you to, now you can follow up with your kids with the their chewing habits by the Bitescan.

Bitescan, is a hans free device that looks like a Bluetooth hand-free.




Bitescan will help you to measure the chewing strokes as you eat, attached to your ear touching your chin, easy to wear and as small as a lighter so it wont bother you by wearing them, these devices will count the bites of yours while eating and determine the biting speed. The Bitescan will be on sale next year on 2019, being so useful for you and your beloved family later on to make sure on every detail and handy with all their habits starting with their chews rates


This would be brilliant to those have a health conditions like diabetes or even on diet and need to check everything before they place to their mouths including the calories in food for healthier life style and good fitting body.
CaloRieco, is a food scanner probably to measure the nutrients within accuracy of 20% according to the manufacturer ” Panasonic”.
Which is way better than the current Calorie scanners that takes about 2 to 3 minutes for scanning food, on other hand the CaloRieco takes 10 seconds for the scan.
The scanner stores nutritional data, and Panasonic hopes that eventually it will be able to suggest recipes according to users’ needs.

Child Partner Robot
This one may sound a little cute but it would be brilliant for mummies busy in the kitchen though, the Cocotto
 The Cocotto is a the brilliant childcare partner now on ,by Panasonic. Good Enough to sing to your sleepy children in bed after asking them to go there. As well serving a help to your little one’s within the educational development.
Parents instruct the spherical social robot, making it their helper as much as the child’s friend.



The fuzzy love 

Are you a Fan of cats but your nose stops you from getting close enough to them due to the allergy?
Our beloved Japan came out with their fluffy cute robot to help you out with this! A headless robotic cat The Qoobo.
The Qoobo is a cushion-shaped and sized toy that wags it’s tail for you, isn’t that cute? The more you’re Patting it, the harder the tail goes wagging. This is actually a good therapeutic.
The Qoobo will launch next June and retail for $100, with an eight-hour battery life.



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