Phone Scams

There were a story that been narrated before about a woman who received a call one night and the caller was a man and he told her a name of a guy she actually knew and the call went as:

The called:“Your Friend is dying and he’s bleeding a lot just right in front me”
She asked: “Where are you”
The caller: “Send me money or I’m Gonna let him bleed to death”

The Woman suspected the caller and she thought it was just a scam call with a familiar Area code so she simply Hang up

This Story was written down by someone anonymous and may sound unbelievable but somehow it may sound real somehow if any of us would fall for it one day.

Unfortunately, The money loss in 2015 up to 7.5 Billions
In 2017 reached more than 9 billions
So the problem just went viral year after year

Scam calls would be made so professionally that would call you from an familiar numbers, last 6 digits of a well know personal phone number that you may know for a close friend or a family member, even could be from a familiar area code.

More than 7 million complaints were filed in National Do Not Call Registry last year, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

According to a recent analysis by “Hiya”, a phone spam protection company.
Half of all phone scams today use this tactic of digit spoofing,

Simply best advice we can give was that preferable not to answer calls not recognized and just be more careful in order not to put yourself in a dangerous or scary call that will leave you anxious in the end of the day.
Simply such calls once you answer them you will fall in anyway they can push you off with, they will use all ways to get you stollen by using their own sensational tactics,
Unfortunately, you shouldn’t just forget that being a thief is a part of their jobs

So here’s the best thing to do if you ever fell over one of those calls (as we hope not)

1- “If you don’t know the number better not answer” Well that’s what mostly we should all do anyway, right?

If he left you a voicemail and the number does look familiar, yet you feel something that is not right, Tell them this “I will call you back right away”
If the call is from a legitimate number than it would accept an outbound call and you would be able to reach them back if not..

If the number still calls you

you shoudn’t forget that there’s a number of apps that helps you to block scam numbers:

And more!

As Well You can add your name and number over the National Do Not Call Registry.

Yet we wish you never fall into those calls,
We wish you a safe day.

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