Wanna Learn more about how to prevent the glare screens in day light? "Moth Eye"

A Little knowledge about the Moth,


The structures on moth eyes are unique, with a nano-structures that let the light to pass into the eyes of the insect and never allow it to reflect out, helping the vision in dark and not reflecting the light from their eyes that may let the insects notice the attendance of the moth and get away and helping moths to catch them easily.





Also their scientists were inspired by the moths eyes solar cells with nano structures surface that reduces the amount of sunlight that reflects away from the panels.


The same idea of the moth eye was taken for our technology and devices, as a low-cost solution and the improve of the vision in the daylight and the readability of electronic displays, it’s an unusual structure that helps the anti-reflection for your devices reducing glare on the screens.




The Moth Eye could improve the readability up to 10 times under direct sunlight and bright lights, it’s expected to be less expensive to manufacture with a good value.


Most common and best benefit from the moth eye that it would be a scratch-resistant and self cleaning as the regular touch screens are more tending to collect dust, fingerprints and grind. With Moth eye there’s no problem throwing out your phone on a dusty day.



Now New Smartphones, Tablets and laptops were designed to help enhancing the readability by using a sensor that detect the quality of light and preventing glare, but this actually would absorb all the device’s battery draining it by increasing the the brightness of the vision of the screen, the Moth Eye wont need to ask for any extra power as it’s just a new coating helping to do all the job for your device for a better vision and more benefits with a low cost.





The invention is actually quite cool, it’s thin and flexible you don’t only use it for laptops and phones, it also can be used on folded devices and that’s how flexible it could be!







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