What to look at when you go with a new product from a Sales Call?


We all received a phone call from a sales call offering a good package you know it would definitely save you bucks of money between the next 12 to 24 months and could be more and you wish to go for it but you needed to pause a little bit before you go for the product,


Here’s some Tips from an old ex-sales agent talking about the previous experience they had before with different customers and knows how usually calls go like helping you to get to know the difference between the scam calls and real ones!

Everyone would actually warn you to buy things over phone yet not all calls could be scams! So why not save bucks for yourself and go for it!


Your phone rang and someone asking about you with a friendly smile in which you can hear it out from the phone, Knowing your name..


Better Know the exact reason they are calling you for! And either you need the product or not, Just be patient with them!


Be nice, don’t Forget that that person is just a normal human being that doing his own job and getting paid for


Give the caller a chance to talk and have some knowledge on what they want, not all sales call are scams, yet not all ain’t!


Step One!

“May I ask how you got my number?”


This question would be a little bit clearing up how those people got your number and you better wait for a good answer!


If they told you that you have filled out an online form, ask them what kind of data about you they know and how deep they know about you! And try to memorize if you really did fill it or not!


Step Two!

“It’s okay to ask so much question on the product you’re gonna have for the next couple months!”


On the past experiences usually the caller will be the one whom supposed to be leading the call, it’s their job, but why not you lead the call yourself?


The caller will simply rush into the tariff of the product you’re gonna apply over without talking much about the product itself, and it will sound so good that you would want to go for it blindly but you don’t have much knowledge about the product


Ask what you’re gonna pay for and remember that it’s not about the tariff it’s actually all about the product itself!


For example; if it’s a phone, they just going to blind you with it’s brand and rush telling you the tariff with its attractive price, ask them to give you some time to browse for the phone and then you can compare the price if it really worth!


Step Three!

“The Order Form”


You find it a good offer! You wanna go for it! But how would you know if this is an authorized company or just scams?


Usually after you apply on the product they are supposed to ask you the three basic questions by the UK law

  • Are you over the age of 18?
  • Are you a UK resident?
  • Do you have a valid bank account inside the UK?


If they didn’t ask the Questions under the UK law and rushed with the Form you should really hang up! That’s some kind of a stupid scam


Step Four!

“The Bank Details”


No doubt that you should never share your bank details over the phone,

That’s an ABC rule I believe,


Yet, if the product is really interesting and you don’t feel like the call is suspicious then don’t hesitate to ask on every step you take and why they want to confirm it! If the call was authorized so the caller would actually sound confident,

A scam would actually rush up with their answers and they would sound easy to be clear enough at that moment.

Don’t forget to let them explain very well how the Billing process and how would it go, usually monthly payments are after a month from the day you receive the package itself, and if there’s an upfront cost you shouldn’t pay it right away, it’s always after you make sure you passed the credit check!

So here’s a sneaky trick! You can just pass an empty Bank details that doesn’t contain money or a back up one that has no money inside just to keep yourself on the safe side!


Step Five!

“Listen to the verification!”


If you’re applying on anything then you probably should listen to the verification part!

Don’t just let the verifier talk all the way down the script until you listen to the “have you understood everything and agreed to the terms and conditions” and you just say yes!


Here’s a thing people,

Verifications usually are the mostly recorded part from the call! Whatever the verifier tells and you said yes for it in the end means you agreed on it! So just make sure what you’re agreeing for and don’t get lazy just for this part because this usually can go to a dark place you really don’t wanna get through! So just open up your ear for it and so you will be all good!


After all,

We wish you a safe shopping over the phone!

And really, don’t feel shy to ask the caller on whatever you feel like you don’t understand so well, it’s their jobs to answer after all!

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