When iPhones didn’t get all our attention for, Couple years ago


Long time ago iPhone’s weren’t all what attention seeked for when they appeared all of a sudden first 5 years,


It was just a simple sleek, touchscreen phone that helps you to get connected to internet yet it wasn’t attractive enough to grab our eyes for.


Many devices were out there that eyes recognized even more well like the Nokia 900 Communicator on the time of 1997 for example that grabbed much attention for,

A heavy little device with an upper screen and a little keyboard underneath and hardly supports anything but yet it was our favorite back then and good enough for a first smartphone for a nokia


Yet this wasn’t everything you actually needed,

So Apple launched its App Store to make a whole big evolution over a change within the SmartPhone history.

The pairing set up the framework that all other mobile computing systems—Android Windows Phone


Evolotion started to go furthur afterwards on the new ipods, ipads, mac desktops and laptops

now all run on a hardware-plus-app-store model. People in the mobile ecosystem alone download an estimated 46 million apps every day.


This is counted as the best innovations for the past 15 years. It’s just good enough to know from where we started.

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