Which Phone Going to unlock Faster to your Pretty face?


For the last thing that we may all ask but yet could differs so much to us, who unlocks faster as for the face ID,Could it be shocking?

Well, let’s get to an answer and discuss it all!


We all know the Huawei’s P 20 and P 20 pro 360-degree face unlock technology that been along, as we should now consider who’s unlocking our phone from behind our backs.


Well, the shocking thing that we figured out that the Huawei’s facial recognition is actually faster than the iPhone, that’s not it!

Also we figured out that it’s quicker setting up and can work in a total darkness just like a Face ID

How fast? SO FAST! Yup, that much fast..


It was verified that the Huawei’s claim that it takes a 1 second to unlock the P20 smartphone, yet, also depending on the light condition.


This is amazingly considered that the Huawei’s camera and the depth sensors are located, less than half the size of Apple’s


Did Apple just quit the game? Well, answer was kind of a NO!

Apple considered catching up Huawei next year on 2019 yet if not being just a rumor, iPhone X will have a smaller notch they said, about half the size of the current one, an on-screen virtual fingerprint reader as a Touch ID2

Good to Go Apple!

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