Xiaomi Finally Enters the US and UK


We’re excitingly waiting for the Xiaomi to enter US and UK door as it’s known as the China’s Apple.

If you never heard before about Xiaomi so you’re missing a lot of fun! And we’re here to guide you about Xiaomi ’s launches so you won’t miss so much goodness with an affordable price!


Xiaomi successfully entered Spain, France and Italy’s doors after being hustled over at China and India as being a huge brand there.


Simply, they offered you all features you needed in a phone starting from the big screen to the notches, serving it all to you with a unbelievable affordable price, yet with the best performance ! Being easily to be familiar with just by a one day use and you’re never in the wrong place!


The Originally a concept phone for Redmi in first edition is the MI8 and Mi Mix2S being on the top of the line, yet in the next few weeks they will be launching the new Mi Mix 3


Let’s have a little talk On the Phones though


Xiaomi Mi8


Searching for a good value phone with high quality camera, largest screen, 3D Face recognition feature ? You Got a Mi8 to rush for!

Costing about  £438.33 / US$569.99  / €490.20

I don’t know if iPhone can beat this though …

Even if, Xiaomi wins it to most of the people


Yet nothing is too perfect, unfortunately Xiaomi missed a little of the wireless charging.  But Why not walking with the plugging wire if it’s good value?


Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S


If the Mi8 missed it, Mi Mix S2 got it!

Enjoy the wireless charging buddy, with a full display smartphone, fast performance with an awesome dual-camera that builds in Al. As well they didnt let us down again and it’s a waterproof

Majors on performance and design with it’s ceramic, mirror-finish case and 18:9 display.

What else missing?


Those were the best for Xiaomi and getting more deep with it would let you understand why it’s going to make difference later on with the history of phones when you get on hold to the phone!

Rumors went down with the announce that US and UK doors will be opened to Xiaomi Phones in 5th Of November 2018…


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