Your room is a Classic Style? Add The Smartable For a Smarter Classics



The Smartable was one of our mostly stunning things that we have found out recently with it’s precious design and elegant look, and all in wood for a classic traditionally style equaling to the noblest of materials plus impeccable craftsmanship.

Adding a Modern touch to the Smartable with technology involved




Magnetic Coffee Tray



Now you can serve breakfast to your beloved ones in bed and safely holding down your coffee or tea cups over without spilling it over the bed, You got the Magnetic Coffee Tray from the Smartable, Even will serve you more if you’re using your laptop in bed as a holder
The upper Part from the Smartable can be removed and easily used in bed by the help of the magnetic parts helping  to stick together and getting it apart when the tray needed.
Put a Light On!
Wake up in the middle of the night and searching for something? your glasses for example?
turn on and off your led lights with a touch!
Also You may Control the brightness of the light led with a less/longer touch over to be more comfortable with the lighting




Hidden Compartment

Now You can hide your little stuff in a hidden Compartment, we all like hiding small stuff sometimes and we dont wanna forget where we hide them in the end, so now you can hide anything little in the hidden compartment down one of the Legs of Smartable of yours!
Guess who’s hiding their own candies from the little ones?

Two USB Sockets

Need to charge your devices easily ? stick it to your smartable! two USB Sockets on the sides of the smartable for a comfort charging and easier to reach with a higher sockets than the ones in your wall.

Wireless QI Charger

You can also use the QI Wireless Charger for your smart devices accepting the wireless charging now, simply by placing them on the table. Read more about sizzling hot game. No cables needed.

Bluetooth Stereo Audio System

You can also use the Smartable as speakers thanks to it’s high quality Bluetooth Stereo Audio System turning on your favorite music, videos and games Audio for better entertainment for your ears and comfort around the room

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