Big Button Mobile Phone! Recognize 7 Ideal Factors

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The big button mobile phone for the elderly is made especially to cater to the needs of senior citizens who might be living alone.

Using just the touch of a finger, you could easily dial somebody via the big button in your brand new and old smartphone. The big button mobile phone located on the right side of your smartphone is now easily within reach of anybody but with the assistance of this new mobile phone, now you could easily call somebody via the big button easily. But, there are several factors that make this new mobile device an ideal one for elderly people.


These factors include:

  • Easy navigation

In case you are very busy with your day-to-day tasks and you hardly get time to examine the phone in front of you then using the big and easy-to-understand so’s button or virtual keypad would be ideal for you. This big and easy understand so’s button helps you to dial multiple numbers simultaneously. Also, the big and easy to understand so’s button enables you to easily select the contact number of somebody. With this, your mobile phone becomes an all-in-one gadget that provides convenience to the user.


  • Fast dialing features

The big button mobile phone for the elderly features a powerful dialing facility wherein you could dial several numbers simultaneously. You could even use your fingerprint to enable you to enter the number. If you do not like the SOS feature, then you could also use the virtual touchpad as well. However, this feature depends on the hardware support of your handset.


  • FM radio

Many seniors may not have access to regular FM radio but they could listen to their favorite music at their comfort. By listening to their favorite songs through FM radio you would feel like being back in your youth again. The big and easy to understand big button mobile phone allows you to listen to your favorite songs with just a single touch. Moreover, the big and easy understand so’s buttons present on almost all the handsets make it extremely convenient for senior citizens as well.


  • Emergency situations

In case of emergency situations such as your house getting burnt down, accidents at the workplace, meeting an accident while traveling, etc., you would want to reach that spot quickly. In such cases, you may not have much time to carry your phone and then search for a safe place to stay. For such situations, you may consider having an emergency button installed which could be used by others. If anyone needs help, he/she could press the big button and get immediate assistance. It would be very comforting if somebody comes to help you in such circumstances.


  • Enhanced ease of use

The large LCD screen on any of the latest mobile phones with big buttons makes it very user-friendly. If you have a problem with your fingerprint or you cannot remember a particular number, you may need to press a button twice. This makes the device very convenient to use. The elderly often use this type of handheld big button mobile phone due to its enhanced ease of use.


  • Poor eyesight

People with poor eyesight often complain about not being able to see what they are texting or do on their mobile phones. But with a large colour LCD screen on any of the latest handsets, people with poor eyesight can read whatever they want without having to struggle to see what they are trying to read. The large fonts on the device make it very easy for people with poor eyesight to read. Moreover, people with poor eyesight will also find the text on the screen to be very legible and also easily readable.


  • Big, bright screen

Most modern big, bright screens have reduced the amount of light that enters a person’s eyes. For this reason, people with poor eyesight find reading difficult. A big, bright screen will solve this problem by increasing the amount of light that enters a person’s eye and making it easier for them to read. Apart from good eyesight, the elderly also need a big, bright screen because they spend most of their time reading outside, especially when outside in the sunshine. So, if you have elderly at home, buy a large, colourful big button mobile phone and make reading an easy task.


Set Your Maximum Delivery Date With A Big Button Mobile Phone

Large button mobile phone have been designed with the senior generation in mind. They are extremely easy-to-use, uncomplicated phones that still maintain their performance level while still keeping many things simple.

This is because they are targeted individuals who need phones that can perform the basic job of communication. Senior citizens often find themselves harried by phone calls and busy with other duties. With the big button mobile phone for the elderly, the user will find that they can easily keep up with any activity while having the ability to press a large button to call for assistance.


Many seniors will receive phone calls that require them to physically take action. If a senior has trouble seeing very well or is blind, the big buttons might not be the best option. Instead of using the big buttons, what would be nice is to have the mobile phone use the large Braille displays that are visually impaired friendly. The large Braille displays are much easier to read and more comfortable for the user. They are also much smaller, which would give the seniors an easier time finding the right words to speak.


There are also many seniors who have eye problems that need to charge their phones. Some individuals with vision problems might not have the ability to operate the touch screen well, and these devices could offer them the convenience of big-button mobile phones, without requiring them to wear accessories to charge their phone. Using the charging cradle allows them to keep their device secure and keep it in close proximity at all times.


One of the most common complaints of seniors is that they are unable to operate their mobile phones. Even when the phones work, there are problems such as they are not always the right size, and there are many different buttons on the screen. With the introduction of the USB charging cradle, the big button mobile phone for the elderly can be operated easily, and the buttons can be easily located for senior users. The user can just press the power button on the phone, and the phone will start working immediately, without having to maneuver the larger, touch sensitive buttons.


Many senior citizens have problems reading Braille print, which is often needed for large letters or anything outside the usual scope of a telephone. The big button mobile phone offer the perfect solution for this particular problem. As the person uses their device, it can be read by the elderly with ease, because the Braille is installed onto the device in advance. This enables them to simply use the small keypad and touch the Braille to read the information. The information appears on the screen, so it is very clear and easy to understand.


Another big button mobile phone for elderly people has been designed that has a built-in pointer, which is used for controlling the volume of the speaker. Even when the big button mobile phone is used, the user can still find their way around the large screen. Because of this feature, and because it is now part of the accessible big button mobile phone, the elderly are much more comfortable using the device, because they do not have to bend over backward to look at the small keypad.

They can simply use their hands and touch the invisible pointers that control the volume, and the other functions of the phone. Even if they cannot remember the commands, because of the built-in pointer, they can still operate the phone properly.


Many seniors prefer big button mobile phone, because they are much easier to communicate with. This big button mobile phone also offers several extra benefits, such as the fact that it has no need for any type of external speaker. Since the phone is designed for the senior user, the small speaker is located within the earpiece, and there are no wires to disconnect or carry. Most senior users do not want to have to worry about connecting the cord between the big button phones to their hearing aid, but because of this feature, they do not need to worry about this at all.


An important feature to consider is the ability to set your own maximum delivery date. If you are going to buy a big mobile phone, make sure that you do not buy one on a whim, or even before you talk to an authorized representative of the company. It is possible that the sale may be canceled at the last minute, so it is important to make sure that the sale will go through. Most big button mobile phone companies will work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want, such as the date of your maximum delivery date.

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