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Why are mobile phones direct so cheap?

This is a question that a lot of people ask especially after they have made a purchase. They want to know why are mobile phones direct so cheap. In this article, I will reveal to you the answer to that question and what it means to you.


Firstly, we have to start by explaining what AFFORDABLE OFFERS mobile phone direct is.

AffordableOffers is an online mobile site that is responsible for providing its visitors with top and best deals for Telecoms and other categories. We feel it’s our responsibility to search, study, and choose the most discounted offers for our users.

This site features an array of the best mobile and sim contract deals in addition to many other packages, but we don’t take commissions from our customers/visitors as we do have affiliate agreements for all offers on our website. All of our packages are subject to a credit check and it’s not our responsibility if a customer doesn’t have enough score to get the mobile, however, our credit department offers some packages that don’t need a credit check that is not available on this site. You contact us for more info about this.

They sell handsets from some of the leading smartphone brands including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, and Alcatel. The company has been established and its head office is based in the UK.

What is the reason why affordable offers are so cheap?

The reason why affordable offers are so cheap is that our companies are providing mobile phones direct to customers. You don’t have to buy it or pay any bills before you can use it. The customer service team is available online or through the phone itself. In fact, you can use the new handset without even contacting us. In addition, you get free gifts with your purchase. So, you save money on the service as well as the handset itself.

The other reason why our affordable offers are so cheap is that companies sell mobile phones that belong to international carriers and network providers. Buy mobiles also provides only contracts for those who don’t want to get a contract with a network provider. Buy mobiles ensures you get the best and latest handsets along at a great price.

Buying a Mobile phone direct from affordable offers is also an excellent way to shop for your new handset. If you use the internet, you can search for various deals that suit your pocket and needs. Once you find the right deal, check out the customer service support that is provided by the company.

There is a mobile phones direct offers section on our website. This section gives you detailed information about all the latest mobile phones direct from leading brands. Also, there is a complete list of all the latest handsets that are currently on sale. As you start browsing, you will find various attractive offers and discounts. However, before buying, make sure you check out the terms and conditions listed in the offers section.


Mobile phone direct

Benefits of buying from AfoordableOffers:

You can contact the customer service division of the leading mobile phone manufacturer directly to know more about the latest mobile phone deals. You can also talk to the authorized dealers who provide genuine service. These people will guide you about various mobile phone deals available with them. Most of the time, the dealers offer free gifts along with mobile phones. You should ask the dealer about all the offers on your mobile phone.


In case you have purchased a new phone but cannot add the additional line, you can go for the sim-only deal.  In this deal, you will be able to buy the same handset with the same network and number. The best thing about these phones is that you can avail a large number of minutes with a limited budget. You can buy cheap SIM-only phones by calling the customer service operators to inquire about the various offers. You can also visit mobile phones discount sites to find the latest offers.


If you are looking for some of the best mobile phone-direct deals in Affordable offers, then the offers section is the best place to visit. There are different mobile phones available in the offers section at different rates. Some of the phones in the offers section will give you a good chance to save money as well. You can compare the prices of the handsets and find out which one suits your requirements the most.


The cashback option is another great option if you are looking for some of the best mobile phones-direct deals. When you are opting for cashback offers, you can avail of cashback incentives instantly. You just need to fill an online form and mention the gadget that you want to purchase with cashback. Some of the cashback schemes will give you free mobiles with your handset purchase. These mobile phones have come under the category of low-cost smartphones. You will not be able to find many of the high-end Android phones in the cashback offer.

Another great option is to shop online for mobile network providers. If you are a customer of one of the mobile network service providers, then you will find some of the best offers online. The customer service of the service provider is also very good on these websites. You can talk to the customer service and avail some of the free gifts such as 5G unlimited internet, etc. that will make your shopping experience very good.

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